Elegance, decoration, stregth and innovation

Our history

CERLAT, S.A. manufactures and sells ceramic floor and wall tiles for all sorts of markets.

We have a highly qualified design department, in constant training, that uses the most advanced technologies to achieve the highest quality innovating products, having a very wide range of sizes and finishes, such as 60×60, 79×79, 15×60, 20×114 and 30×60 in floor tiles, and 10×50, 33×90 and 28×50 in wall tiles, always fulfilling all the rules and requirements, both at a national and at an international level.

We offer a great variety of stone, wood, marble and cement reproductions that cover all the nowadays trends, being the rustic, contemporary and timeless styles the most characteristic styles of CERLAT. Our wood ranges are especially prestigious due to their high level of naturalness, with worn effect on the marks and signs of time. We also incorporate in the catalogue hydraulic tiles inspired in the craftsmanship with great contrasts and colorful drawings.

We always reach a very high quality product constantly improving, respecting the environment and offering an efficient service to the client with sustainable production processes.